Our rates are best in the industry,Starting From $45.00 per security bin

Secure document destruction is important today

Destruction of any confidential matter is indispensible for organizations big and small, unless you would like to jeopardize sensitive information that can have far reaching consequences. To eliminate such risks, you need a shredding company which guarantees document destruction with the highest level of security. No wonder confidentiality is our number one priority, which has made us a trusted business in Sydney guaranteeing proper destruction of confidential documents and media.

Why Safe and Secure

  • Managed by experts with 10 plus years of experience
  • Safe and secure¬†is a supplier to the NEW SOUTH WALES and SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ¬†GOVERNMENTS. So you can deal with us with CONFEDENCE
  • Centrally located in Sydney
  • Written certificate of destruction

Our USPs

  • Environmental Friendly procedures
  • our own specialized secure vehicles/bins
  • Picking up materials from your business premises
  • We provide a Certificate of Destruction for all our services, hence you can be assured about their safety