Our rates are best in the industry,Starting From $45.00 per security bin

Do you destroy the documents at my office? Why or why not?

We do not destroy your documents on site. The chance of a gust of wind at the wrong moment or some other event, however unlikely, is a risk we are not prepared to take with your documents or our liability. We ensure all documents are secured and then transported directly to an ASIO approved shredding centre where they are destroyed. Our confidence in the security of this process means we can provide you with a certificate of destruction.

How can I be sure that the documents are safe until they are physically destroyed?

Once locked, the bin cannot be opened until inside the shredding centre when it is unlocked by the master key.

How are the documents destroyed

The shredding centre is a secured area not open to the public. After passing through security, we drive the van into a closed building where we can unload the bin or security bag without worrying about wind or rain affecting the documents. We are the only people present when the contents of the bin are loaded onto a continuously running conveyor belt which takes the documents to the shredder.

What does the “certificate of destruction” mean?

We are liable for any loss of privacy regarding any document in the bin. The certificate is your guarantee that the documents will be destroyed shortly after they are in our possession.

How large are the bins you leave with me?

The security bins have a capacity of 240 litres with self-locking locks.

I don’t have enough to fill a 240 Litre Bin. Do you have anything smaller?

It is often difficult to estimate the precise bin size which might be required. As we only charge for the volume to be destroyed, we prefer to provide you with a larger bin than may be necessary. Archive boxes can be secured for the trip to the shredding centre, and security bags can be provided when needed.

How long can I keep the bin before you want it back?

You can keep the bin at your site for up to 2 weeks at no charge. We may charge if you require the bin for a longer period unless previously arranged.

How are the documents destroyed?

The documents are shredded then pulped and ultimately recycled into paper to be used again.

How do you destroy computers?

The hard drive is shredded into dust by a special metal shredder. The rest of the computer is recycled for parts. If we haven’t answered your question or you still need more information, please use our contact page. We are only too happy to answers your questions.