Destroy Just About Any Information! 

Safe & Secure is a seasoned name when you talk of Shredding Companies in Sydney. However, we are more than just a shredding company. Our cluster of services include the entire gamut of paper shredding services right from doorstep delivery of secure bins to issuing a certificate of paper shredding . Whether you need scheduled off-site service or a one-time clean-up, you can count on Safe and Secure which encompasses complete destruction of paper or non-paper items at cost-effective document shredding technique that ensures:

  • Regularly Scheduled Service: Safe And Secure provides ongoing services to customers. Our unbroken chain of custody ensures that sensitive day to day information is secure from the moment it is placed in the console until it is shredded at site.
  • Document Shredding: We make sure documents of all types are shredded in such a way that contents do not provide any information or data afterward.
  • One-Time Service: When you need to destroy large volumes of sensitive information periodically such as outdated files or old tax records, contact us for providing end-to-end onsite service.
  • Shredding service for all: Whether big or small, we provide document destruction for all sectors Commercial, Industrial or Residential.
  • Off-Site Destruction: You may avail pick up service for off-site destruction of information. Our pickup trucks pick the expired, unused, or deposable information, which ever form it may be in, and ensure its complete extermination at a distant site.
  • Non-Paper or E-waste Shredding Service:Not only paper documents but we also provide safe and reliable destruction services for electronic and other wastes which includes:
    • Computer hard drives.
    • CD-ROMs and DVDs.
    • Cassette tapes.
    • USB sticks.
    • Back-up tapes.
    • Optical media.
    • Mobile devices.
    • Medical and personal records.
    • All other computer and electronic equipments.
  • Security bins supply: We provide services weekly, fortnightly and monthly and provide security bins as required.

Regardless of which option you choose, we believe that in today’s age we need a shredding service that can effectively destroy all the confidential information that is not required and we excel at that. Our Services are most secure and this makes our shredding services outstand as the best in the business.